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Joe, GREAT idea about freezing food and bringing it up before it's thawed. Our cabin

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is at 3500 feet, because the mountains in this area isn't higher than around 7000 feet.

My family had a cabin so I grew up with one. It was tiny, with only one bedroom, no bathroom and really very spartan. My grandfather built it himself and we spent every Easter up there when I was a kid. I can't believe my paren't took four kids up there for a week every winter, but they did. I love them for giving me those memories, but it must have been a ton of work and I can't imagine a family doing the same today.

My mother had the old cabin re-built 10-15 years ago and she put in solar panels and a bathroom and a fridge and an oven (all on gas) so it has turned out really great. My family cabin is situated by a lake (we have a boat so we go fishing there) while my cabin is up in the mountain with a spectacular view. We have three bedrooms and a bath, and a water tank that we fill manually so we can shower and do everything we do in "normal life", but still we need to carry the water so we think twice before spending any.

The only thing that scares me about my cabin is the toilet. My mother has this wonderful bio toilet that (eventuelly) turns everything into soil.

The old owner of my cabin put in a toilet with a burning device that burns everything into ashes. It's practically a miniature crematorium, and it scares the heck out of me! It's supposedly the *latest thing* in mountain-cabin-toilet-fashion, but if I could choose myself, I'd definitely go with the bio toilet. Oh well, too late for that now.

But I LOVE being up here. It's so peaceful and calming and we have wonderful ski tracks here. What's not to like? :-)

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