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I don't know how my parents did it either. With 8 kids and 2 weeks' worth of supplies all crammed in

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and on top of a giant Dodge station wagon. It was an 8-hour drive to the Sierras. My dad used to rouse us at 5:00 AM so we could be out of LA and past the hottest part of the desert before 9:00.

My mom kept it simple--a frozen pot of chili, one of spaghetti sauce and meatballs, one of chicken curry, frozen burgers and hot dogs. We had a store up there to buy milk, eggs, bread etc. but it was too expensive for other things. Don't ask me what we did for vegetables--I don't remember any!

There were other family friends who vacationed at the same time and also had large families so it was quite a scene. As we got older the yearly vacation included a 5-day backpacking trip which also had to be planned and shopped for, but by then there were more cars and drivers involved. Such memories!

Sadly, we lost the cabin in an avalanche 30 years ago but my brother and sister bought a place nearby and I still join them occasionally, Their kids have grown up with the same tradition.

P.S., we had a conventional toilet and a septic tank which didn't get used enough all year to ever need attention.

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