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In the Beginning, there was Order.

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Posted to Thread #23917 at 4:48 pm on Feb 25, 2013

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...but then a foolish mistake was made after a sleepless night and the frantic creation of a GBH.
Measuring cups were lost. Panic ensued. Chaos reigned.

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Apprised of The Situation, the Gods discussed the dilemma over a feisty Barolo and warm gougeres. A message was sent From On Internet, shining its Light upon Ebay and the Everlasting <b>BUY NOW</b> button.

At last, the Earth stopped wobbling and a soupcon of Stability was introduced.

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Then a Guardian Angel, clad in Heavenly white apron and 6" spiked Christian Louboutin's sent forth Upon the Land a Padded Envelope.

Praise All-Clad to the Highest. Let Peace & Harmony spread Good Will throughout Thy Condiments. Order has once again been Restored.

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Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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