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Sandy, you can probably guess where I fall on this issue! I believe GMO foods are designed to sell

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more and more chemicals (i.e. roundup, on which they are dependent) and to make it possible to patent and profit from the world's food supply. In my opinion, even if there are short-term benefits, they lead to soil depletion, erosion, increased carbon emissions, collapse of ecosystems and bee die-off.

I also believe that if Mother Nature wanted rice to have beta-carotine she would have made it that way.

We do not have a food production shortage in the world but rather a food distribution problem. We grow more food than we can consume. If instead of bio-engineering crops to grow in bad soil we concentrated on renewing soil worldwide (something that is quite doable) we would be investing in the future.

This is a favorite National Geographic article I refer people to often about the present and future state of the earth's soil:


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