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Absolutely critical hint: Turn your oven to the highest temp (mine is 500), slide a rack

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to the bottom-most level and put the stone inside the oven. Move any other racks up so you have manuevering room. Let the stone heat for at leat 15 minutes before sliding the pizza in.

Sliding Pizza Methods:
1: Sprinkle coarse corn meal on your wooden paddle. It will act as ball-bearings and the dough will roll right off. However, the bottom of the dough will have a super crunchy, tiny pellet texture. Personally, I love it. Larry hates it, so I don't do it anymore.

2. Rub flour deeply into the wooden paddle first and then make sure the dough has sufficient flour on the bottom. It will slide right off.

When everything is ready, open the oven quickly and slide the dough onto the hot stone. It takes 10-15 minutes to finish a pizza this way in my oven.

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