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My Weekend Six

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Posted to Thread #23918 at 10:33 pm on Feb 25, 2013

1- I went to the Farmers Market Saturday morning... 3 avocados for $1, a pint of fresh strawberries, an eggplant, and some fresh Italian bread. All $1 each!

2- Also got a huge bag of onions (about 12 of them, big red ones) for $1 so I am caramelizing some in the crockpot. 'Sure does take a long time though! I'm thinking about making Steve's (Southern Living) onion jam this week with some of those caramelized onions! It sounds good.

3. I bought a little chunk of Gourmandise cheese with Kirsch, because I thought it *sounded* good, but blechhhh!

4- Syracuse lost to Georgetown in basketball Saturday :o( Another game tonight...

5- Oscar-watching party was fun. I stuck flags in baking powder biscuits and made "Congressional Bean Soup", and bought some cornbread. Other items there (some really cute ideas) were Philadelphia cheesesteak sliders, shrimp lettuce wraps, and fried pickles. All on a red table runner and champagne flutes had bow ties :o)

6- I may have to try making some kind of meat pasties after reading the webpage that I posted, above. I made a pork roast the other day, and have some leftover, so I'm thinking of doing something with that, onions, and potatoes inside of a puff-pastry pocket.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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