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Our ban only applies to grocery stores. And there is a 10-cent charge for the paper bags.

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Posted to Thread #23915 at 2:58 pm on Feb 27, 2013

Non-food stores can still give bags. At first there was a big to-do over it but people got used to it. Some of the larger chains gave out complimentary totes for a while with their logo. We're getting used to keeping bags in the car.

It didn't change the world dramatically but now people think twice about the bags they are using and the trash it generates. We're always asked "Do you want a bag" and if I'm only buying a couple things, I say no and carry them to the car. Before the 10-cent charge I never would have thought twice. I see other people load their groceries back into their cart bagless to take to the car.

You see I've mentioned "car" three times now which means fossil fuel, but that's a whole other subject!

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