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My first chorizo purchase and I'd love to hear your ideas

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Posted to Thread #23926 at 5:28 pm on Feb 27, 2013

This week's special at the gourmet market - $1.99/lb homemade raw chorizo sausage links. I bought 3# - about 10 links - for the two of us. I was planning to open all of the casings, vacuum freeze some of the raw meat mixture and cook-then-freeze the remainder, to add to all kinds of future meals. I won't know how spicy/flavorful the batch is until I cook some.

I read through the archives for your tips and now wonder whether to leave some links in the casing. Should I cook before freezing or freeze the links raw? How and how long would you cook them?

If they end up being really tasty, which they should ;), how would you use 3 pounds?

Thank-you for your tips on this new adventure! Colleen

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