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We have the charge for a bag, but the cost goes up every year...

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until I think it caps at 25 cents. Many grocers gave out free reusable bags at the start too - plastic ones. I don't have a problem bringing bags at the store, but I wish you could opt for paper for free. Our stores have to charge you, it's mandatory, but they keep the money.

It was all no big deal till I went to Target one day. One my side of the town line. I wanted to shop the mall and picked up a few things at T first. Well, they didn't have bags. They had a few tiny paper lunch size ones I could pay for, but that wouldn't work - and how was I suppose to carry all this through the mall and still shop the other stores? I gave it all back right at the check stand and walked out. I haven't been back, it's easier for me to order online and get free shipping. Dept stores use to use paper bags in the olden days, I have no problem doing that again and don't see why they don't - except by law they have to charge you. So one must carry piles of empty grocery bags to wander the mall? Sounds like FAIL to me.

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