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Pie with Salami is a riff on a traditional Italian-American Easter Pie, Pizza Rustica. It's a deep-

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dish cousin to a quiche, filled with deli meats and cheeses.

My Neapolitan family's recipe includes pepperoni, ham, rice, romano cheese, ricotta, raisins and eggs. It is savoury, with a touch of sweetness from the raisins at the same time. It is served in small slices at room temperature, as an appetizer or a mid-day snack.

The New York Times published a story in 1995 that featured the late Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro's recipe for Easter Pie, which is very similar to my family's, but we use a prepared pie crust and a spring-form pan..

Google Pizza Rustica Recipe and you will find many articles and recipes on the subject. One version uses Wheat Berries, and I think that my grandparents substituted rice when they emmigrated to US. Can't figure out why the raisins, but it's not Easter Pie in our family without them.

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