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Green smoothie tips...

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Posted to Thread #24263 at 5:29 pm on May 5, 2013

This is from some info I collected and posted over in the VM group when I was a newbie to someone that wasn't having luck getting smoothies to taste good. The general rule for newbie tastes is 60% fruit/40% veggies:

Here's a bit of info that's helped me:

<a href="">Lea Ann's tips on ratios and fruit/veggies: click here</a>

<a href=" ">Guidelines for green smoothies: click here</a>

<a href="">How to make a green smoothie tasty every times click here</a>

<a href="">15 Green Smoothies in 3 minutes: click here</a>

For my newbie taste buds you aren't using enough fruit, and sweet fruit at that (example I love cantaloupe but haven't hit the right combo with it yet because it's a milder flavor) . Also, to start I've found keeping it simple and not adding too many things is helping to hone my tastes to see what works for me. I don't add any protein powers/etc because I read you get protein from greens and it's easier on the stomach. I'd learn what tastes good to you then build in additions to see what works for you.

A favorite combo is 6-7 chunks? pineapple, 1 yellow mango, 1 banana, 1-2 small handfuls of spinach (at first I used giant wad handfuls and it was too much), ice.
I've sub'ed 2 tangelos/navel oranges for either the pineapple or mango in this comb. Also, I made the mistake of using kale in the same amounts as spinach - yuck no, at least right now. Just a few leaves works better for me at the moment. I'm now adding chia seeds (you can't taste them) but don't let it set or the smoothie gets pretty thick.

I am using fresh and organic whenever possible.

Right now the yellow mangos are on sale and super tasty
Tangelos are on sale; ditto navel oranges
I broke down and bought the big container of cut pineapple at Whole Foods while waiting for a whole one to ripen. It turned out to be cost effective because I got 4-5 smoothies out of that so turned in to a good deal.
I've tried strawberries but I'm waiting for them to come in season at better prices (organic) so I can use enough of them to give me a strong flavor.

I just picked up "Green for Life" at the library yesterday per Lea Ann's recommendation (same person/family of the other links above) to learn more.

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