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I put an iced-down cooler & a big wicker basket nxt 2 DH's recliner chair so he can reach sliced ham

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& cheese, bread &/or hamburger buns; mustard; fruit of all kinds to counteract the side effect of pain pills + fruit juices; cookies & brownies; water; sodas; crudites w/ herb dip; potato chips; cheddar cheeseball rolled in pecans w/ crackers; Subway sandwiches &/or Jimmy John's for some variety or if I don't have time to assemble something similar before leaving for work; gazpacho; straws, napkins, plastic silverware, paper plates & cups; his ice pack; yogurt, PB & Jelly. This will generally keep him fed & hydrated during the day until I can get home from the office!
I've been setting the above stuff out every weekday morning since our biking accident on June 3. He "only" has 2-1/2 more weeks of non-weight-bearing rules for his right leg/side due to the broken pelvis. At least he can hop on his left foot w/ a walker if he really wants something nuked. (He only occasionally does that as movement of any kind = pain.)

Oh, yes, I also put an extension cord w/ power strip near Paul along w/ a little hot pot he can plug in for heating water, & that way he can make one of those dry noodle soup mixes in a cup for himself.

Maria, many healing thoughts from southern Indiana are with you! Wigs

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