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I just wanted to update you on my grandson's AVM.

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Posted to Thread #24508 at 1:42 pm on Jun 17, 2013

My stepdaughter researched and researched and finally found a doctor who specializes in AVM surgery. His name is Dr. Spetzler and he is out of St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.
He looked at all of Luke's medical records and tests to date and told my stepdaughter he was confident that he could surgically remove it. Luke went in and had an embolization on the 12th, another embolization on the 13th and the craniotomy was completed then also. It was a 13 hour surgery.
My grandson is now in recovery, slowly starting to eat and such, and the surgery was a complete success. The AVM is 100% gone. All of his brain waves are normal, and he will be a happy healthy little boy again. I feel like I have witnessed a miracle. After all of the stress our family has gone through, and the ordeal that Luke has gone through, it feels so good to be happy again.
The support that we have all gotten from our friends, family and community has been overwhelming. I can't stop smiling! Thanks everyone!
If anyone would like to contact my stepdaughter regarding AVM, please email me and I will pass it on to her. I am urging her to become an advocate for this medical condition because there just isn't much out there about it, as far as support groups and such.

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