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Translation of the food names in the post above

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Frittatensuppe--rich boullion soup with thin crepes shredded for "noodles". Austrians eat a lot of soup and most daily menu offerings will feature a soup, usually a housemade boullion with something like this.

Tafelspitz--Viennese version of Pot de Feu, or your basic Sunday Boiled Beef Dinner with all the trimmings. Emperor Franz Josef's favorite meal. Long slow simmered beef with marrow bones served with sauces (green herb, horseradish, apple), usually served with potatoes and creamed spinach.

Backhendl--Viennese-style breaded fried chicken

Wiener Schnitzel--thin cutlet, breaded and fried. Formerly veal, but average restaurants use pork these days. Toppings are added for variations to the basic fried cutlet: Cordon Bleu-stuffed with emmentaler and ham before being breaded. Jägerschnitzel (hunter's)--topped with mushroom sauce. Holsteinerschnitzel--fried egg on top. Pariserschnitzel -breaded with flour and egg, no breadcrumbs. Naturschnitzel--no breading.
Zigeunerschnitzel--topped with tomatoes, onions, and pepper sauce
Usually served with pommes frites and a green salad.

Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten (Viennese Onion Roast Beef) slices of roast beef topped with cream sauce and a mound of crispy fried onions.

Rindgulasch mit Knödel--Beef Goulash with a dumpling. Goulash can be beef (rind) or pork (schwein) and served as an entree such as this with a dumpling, or served as soup. If it's served as soup, it will be listed as Gulashsuppe.

Leberkäse--lit. "Livercheese" which contains neither liver nor cheese. A cross between a cured meatloaf and cold cut, served hot by weight in slabs, a favorite snack from a buffet.

Knödel--Dumpling. Austria is the land of the dumpling and they are available sweet and savory in many forms, stuffed, sauced, sliced and fried, etc. Some forms: knödel with a meat dish will usually be a bread dumpling (made out of the breakfast rolls calls Semmeln, i.e. Semmelknödel). If it's not bread, it will say so, "Erdapfelknödel" is a potato dumpling (my favorite).
Marillenknödel: whole apricot, filled with sugar, wrapped in dough, poached, served with butter and sugar. Can also be made with plums (Pflaummenknödel).
Dampfknödel--Dumplings steam-baked in a covered pan with butter, milk, and sugar until the liquid is absorbed and the bottom is carmelized and browned, served with vanilla sauce.
Topfenknödel--dessert cheese dumplings

Apfelstrudel--self explanatory

Mohr im Hemd--(a Moor [the steamed pudding] in a shirt [the whipped cream]. A steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate syrup, and what else?, whipped cream. Prepared to order so takes a little while to get this.

Palatschinken--crepes with jam or icecream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream.

Kaiserschmarren--sweet omelette served with compote. Revered in Austria (Emperor Franz'ls favorite dessert). Also individually prepared to order, so a bit more expensive and takes longer.

Gugelhupf--a rich, buttery, yeast raised cake studded with golden raisin (Old Franz Josef's usual breakfast) and dusted with powdered sugar. Made in a gugelhupf pan that looks similar to a bundt pan (it's supposed to be a Turkish turban, a leftover from Austria being the victor in the Turkish wars 500 years ago). Every coffee house will offer a gugelhupf along with the torte selections for your afternoon coffee break. Variations: Marmor: Marbelized with a chocolate batter swirled in. Regular Gugelhupf can also be coated with chocolate glaze.

Pork: Schweinsbraten is classic--a slab of roasted pork with the crispy crackling skin, potato or bread dumpling, and sauerkraut. Add bier and oink.
Stelze--(this is called Schweinshax'n over the border in Bavaria). This is something to order at the beer garden in the Prater. A giant crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside, pork knuckle, usually spit-roasted and served on a wooden board with a knife stuck in it. They're huge and we always share one. But this is a real treat.

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