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Advice: get more traps because. . .

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Posted to Thread #25543 at 8:59 pm on Jan 2, 2014

Around here we like "Victor" traps. When we use them we use lots. Always, some traps will get cleaned of without catching anything, but then there are the "killer" traps that always catch something, and will always be the ones to catch something, even though those other traps get cleaned out. I guess them mousies get used to eating from the "no-kill" traps and then try to feast from the "killers" and get caught!

It seems to me that when I examine the Killer traps, they are always more hair trigger and will just about spring shut when I breath on them--and that is why they are soooo good.

Another tip: Don't put a whole lot of bait on the trap--ya want them little beggars to have to work at getting a snack. The more they work, the more chance the trap has of catching them. Also rotate positions of the traps at least just a little every time you set them out. Seems to help.

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