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If you've got a bread machine with a "dough" cycle, this is quite lovely and easy

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It's somewhere between a sweet bread and a Schnecken dough--nice and rich, like a trust fund baby who grew up right. Can be used for cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, nutrolls, babka, etc.

Just dump the ingredients in the cannister, select DOUGH and then spend the next 1.5 hours waiting for Mr. Rochester to stop being such an a$$hole to Jane.

My 1 lb machine takes ingredients in the following order:
Wet, dry, with yeast on top. This rose to the very top of the cannister when 3 cups of bread flour were used.

3/4 C whole milk, warmed to baby bottle temp
8 TBL (1 stick, 1/2 C) unsalted butter, slightly soft
1 TBL sour cream
1.5 eggs (I use a whole egg, then "liquid" egg in a half shell)
1 egg yolk
1/3 C sugar
1/2 tsp salt
3 C bread flour (tall, holey & light) or 2 C bread flour plus 1 cup all-purpose flour (slightly less holey & denser)
1 pkg dry yeast

You can use immediately in which case, roll on floured surface (cinnamon bread = 7 x 16"; nutroll = 14 x 18), add filling of choice, roll up and let rise in a warm spot until doubled. Bake 350 oven until internal temp is 190-200 degrees (time will vary depending on what you put inside.)

You can also wrap the finished dough in Saran wrap and stick it in the frig. It actually rolls better when chilled. Didn't rise as much, but in this case (nutrolls) that's what I wanted.

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