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This was such a surprise. The soup was soooo boring and L&I stood at the open refrigerator

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Posted to Thread #25633 at 6:56 pm on Jan 24, 2014

trying to decide what would give it some taste. Spice drawer was open on the other side, but what spice goes with peas??? We added Tennessee Hot Sauce (a tad better), a bit of harissa (a tad better) and I was reaching for the chinese garlic/chile paste, warning Larry that it would give a vinegar-y taste when he yells "Mustard!"

He started to grab the Dijon, but then grabbed the Gulden's and gave a big squeeze! I thought he'd ruined the pot (as I'm not that crazy about mustard) but It. Was. Perfect. Totally saved the day. And the soup. And possibly our marriage.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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