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Hi Meryl - just crazy busy here. Had my first car accident yesterday (no one was hurt)

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Posted to Thread #25653 at 12:17 pm on Jan 29, 2014

Roads were covered in ice and I had a very slow and low impact crash at a 4-way stop intersection. My car looks pretty bashed in (driver side) but thankfully neither driver was hurt. Well at least not from the accident. When I got out of the car (via the passenger side - couldn't open my door) and walked over to check on the other driver I slipped on the ice and ending up hurting my back and neck. Nothing that Advil can't handle though - I am so lucky.

The policeman that arrived on the scene was awesome - just wanted to ensure that we were both okay and no tickets were issued. I called his chief to say what a profession, caring man he was.

Today gone for the part of the day - taking our cat, Stooey, in for an ultrasound.

Meryl - can we catch up tomorrow?

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