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Wish me luck, I'm waiting for the 1st rise on my 1st try at bread - ever!

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Posted to Thread #25688 at 10:22 pm on Feb 3, 2014

I've feared yeast forever (never touched it) and I've skipped ahead to a starter!

I'm attempting SallyBR's SF Sourdough (recipe at the link). I'm seriously winging it given I had to return the library books on breadmaking and was too sick with the flu to read them.

My biggest worry is how to bake, but I'm going to try the dutch oven and lower the bread in on parchment and hope I don't drop/smoosh/burn myself or start the zombie apocalypse.

Basically, I don't expect it to turn out (keeping my expectations low), but rather considering this a learning experience - I've already decided a bowl scraper is a must.

y*utube videos I've decided are of no help, you should see the sorry looking bread on those!

Anyhoo cross your fingers - I'm excited I'm finally giving it a shot!


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