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Now as to's where I need some more help...

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Posted to Thread #25688 at 9:02 pm on Feb 4, 2014

It's not sour. At all.

I was so excited about how it looked and that it wasn't flat/etc that I sorta forgot about taste, I just assumed it would be good. However, honestly that's where it fell down for me, it has hardly any flavor at all, in fact I'd thought I'd used unsalted butter at first, but no. It's bland. Also, I'd used olive oil for the bowl because my canola was a bit old, and you can taste it (it's ok, but I'm not a fan).

So, what did I do wrong there? How do I develop taste?

Inside is chewy, crust is crisp, but the taste isn't what I expected. Maybe a SF sourdough developed for taste outside the region counteracts itself baked within it it? Maybe? Ok, yeah, I know...that's reaching for it.

So how does one develop flavor in bread? I'm thinking I might now be asking the hardest question of all.

Oh and I should add, I ended up using all KA bread flour instead of the organic I got, just because it has more protein. I'd meant to toss in some rye for flavor, but forgot. Note: my starter was using the unbleached organic flour, fed daily and kept at room temp (which at most is 68F, but colder at night).

I did share this recipe with someone online who baked it before me and didn't have this issue, and of course Sally's made it too without issue, so that leave user error aka me.

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