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How much salt did you use? It makes a huge difference. Also, tossing in a little rye flour

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Posted to Thread #25688 at 10:52 pm on Feb 4, 2014

Even a tablespoon of rye will add character. And a long slow rise--though it sounds like you did that.

Commercial sourdough bread is more sour, so perhaps you are missing that flavor. You could increase the amount of starter you use, scaling back on the added flour and water, for a more sour taste.

(You should've seen the look on my French in-laws' faces when they bit into American sourdough. It was very foreign to them--uniquely American. When Europeans make a bread with starter they start with a small amount and develop the dough in stages to avoid the sourness.)

Your photos look great! The large holes and structure are perfect. So you got the consistency of the dough just right.

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