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But speaking of bread being forgiving, I made 9 batches today (we have a Valentine's Day event

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coming up and it freezes well). Each batch needs 3 rises--2 in the bowl and one after the baguette is formed. I start off pretty organized, but by the time I got to that ninth batch:

I ran out of yeast--only about 1/2 tsp. left in the jar. I didn't want to go to the store, so I proofed it in water, then tried to help it along by adding some of the flour to make a batter. I let that sit until it started to bubble, then made the dough, hoping that the yeast had multiplied enough. It rose so well that I may always do that.

Next I confused it with a batch that had already had its second rise. I was supposed to just fold it and put it back in the bowl, but instead I formed three loaves, then realized my mistake. I smushed them back in the bowl and went on.

This batch of dough got its second rise, got formed again and baked into three perfect baguettes.

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