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butt vs shoulder

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Posted to Thread #25817 at 11:49 am on Mar 18, 2014

The cut that comes from the upper part of the shoulder (butt or Boston butt) contains only a piece of the scapula and has more usable meat per pound. The cut that comes from the lower part of the shoulder (picnic roast) contains the shoulder joint and has less usable meat per pound. The meat from the picnic also has a less desirable texture, in my opinion. If you are buying boneless roasts the amount of meat per pound would be about the same for the 2 cuts.

I just made a 6.4 lb butt and had 5 very generous entree sized portions. I think I could have easily gotten 14 -16 sandwiches. That's a little higher ratio than you have seen recommended elsewhere. Consider cooking it covered - see my post above. It was not only more juicy but the yield may have been a little higher as well.

I like the vinegar BBQ sauce recipe I use but it is not smokey and it is a little spicy as well as tangy.

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