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PSA: Something to a take away from this....

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Posted to Thread #26358 at 11:42 pm on Jul 17, 2014

Folks, one of you is going to die first. It might not be you. Prepare for that. Prepare for it if you're single, too, because somebody's going to be left dealing with the fallout.

Please plan financially and otherwise, for a life without your spouse - I've read/been told by therapists the death of a spouse is considered the most traumatic thing anyone can go through and trust me, after the fact you'll really appreciate you'd planned ahead.

Cultivate outside relationships.
- Meryl lived there for 8? yrs and hadn't gone outside her circle of just the two of them, so when Lou passed, she had no support system/friends locally.

Financial/Future planning
- My BIL's brother passed recently of a terminal illness and claimed he had a will/trust in place when my BIL (who was to be the executor) visited and wanted to get paperwork done before he passed, he claimed it was done. Well - it wasn't. The estate is now in a mess and nothing can go to who he wanted it to.

- Lou was much older than Meryl, but she had no idea how to run his business and there was no plan for the fact he would likely pass before her. Wills/etc were also not done, but were in the planing stages.

- Less than a month ago my best friend unexpectedly passed, and though they seemed extremely organized financially, and were fairly well off -- there too will/trusts were only in the planning stages.

Folks, if this spurs us all on to make sure our will/trusts/plans/etc are in place, something good will have come of this horrible tragedy.

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