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I'm going this year too! It's really fun, people go over the top with decor.

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Some of the more fabulous meals I have seen served (and trust me by saying served, people hire caterers for Diner en Blanc, which I think is totally cheating), include a side of cold salmon with cucumber scales (I want to do that this year), blini with caviar, towering tiers of cheeses and fruits and pates (we did that last year), one group did beef wellington (the pastry is sort of white). Last year we did another multicultural buffet of kutlyeti (chicken patties fried in butter and served warm), buckwheat salad, an Indian eggplant dish, Japanese mushrooms and onigiri and I forget what else.

Champagne is a must.

I rebel and always bring a chocolate cake from a bakery filled with chocolate curls on top or dipped strawberries on a cake stand people gasp when they see it. I have a lovely Block demitasse service in white and bring lots of espresso because it gets really cold at night in September!

Hope you have fun Traca! Love the wig and you need a fascinator to be sure. I'm looking for a boa because not only is it fun but they are warm.


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