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One more point I'd like to make....

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... as you may have noticed, this is a subject that raises my blood pressure a little bit

California would be the first state of the US to suffer if we were to all eat local. Why? They produce far more food than they consume, so obviously their economy thrives for many reasons, but one of them is for their ability to provide food for the rest of the country (and world)

so, what the heck are we trying to preach here? Eat local, but allow me to sell you all my great produce?

and how about quinoa? EVERYONE seems to be on a quinoa kick. Does anyone really care where it comes from, and what is it doing (good or bad) to the economy of Peru? (by the way, I cannot make my mind as to what is the good answer here, it depends on who you read)

Ok, the bottom line for me is - you should eat local food. IF YOU CAN. But trying to force the local food movement as a nation-wide thing is simply naive. Or irresponsible. Or a mixture of both.

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