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Another Hollywood Bowl Picnic Menu. Has anyone ever made a Ballotine of Chicken?

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(boned, rolled with stuffing, baked and sliced cold like a sausage?) Or at least it would resemble a sausage if I had managed to get it into a round shape. I'm afraid it looked like road kill. But I trimmed it up as best I could and put some salad around it. I ate the trimmings for lunch--my stuffing was too livery and rich! I didn't have an appetite for it by dinner. And since the chicken was about 30 seconds undercooked, with the slightest suggestion of pink in places, Jacques got grossed out and didn't finish his

But our friends loved it and took home the leftovers. They think we're crazy. I still like the concept and perhaps someone has some pointers?

The rest of the menu was a success--all Julia.

Cream of Cucumber Soup

Ballotine of Chicken with liver, mushroom and pistachio stuffing, served with Romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes
Aubergine en Pistouille (Egglant a la Greque with tomatoes and basil)
French Bread

Chocolate Mousse

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