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Posted to Thread #3018 at 7:11 pm on Aug 11, 2006

I put together a really great “small bites” of Italy menu, but the bride’s hubby-to-be has his heart set on a dinner, so it was back to the drawing board.

So far, I plan to create antipasto centerpiece trays for each of the tables (should only be about 10 tables at the wedding) so that each table has nibbles when they get there. That takes some pressure off of the timing of the buffet.

For dinner, I’m looking at the chicken and sausage skewers that Curious pointed me at. We’ve tested them once and really liked them. I’m planning to make them again (pre-cooking the sausage this time!) with a new product I’m interested in called “Seasoned Skewers.” These are flavored skewers that add flavor to the food as they’re cooking. If they really work I’d like to look at making my own version using bamboo skewers.

I’m also thinking about making braciole for the other entrée. The bride and groom definitely want a beef dish, and this would be good in January. I’m not sold on it yet, but since it is easily made the day before and reheated it is pretty high on my list. I do not have ovens on-site… only warming drawers, so that has to be part of my planning.

For side dishes, I think sautéed green beans topped with balsamic roasted onions sounds good. I’ll make a caprese pasta salad, and I also plan on a mixed greens salad with gorgonzola. And then some great crusty bread too.

Some recipes are still in the testing phase, but I think I’m getting a decent handle on it. Am taking submissions for a good make-ahead Italian beef recipe! :)

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