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Some are Americanized, some are not . . .

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Generally the quick, hot-table types of restaurants "dumb down" their food, but I have had some tasty stuff from them (and some not-so-tasty as well).

For about a 20-30 minute drive we can get to some ____-town areas: Mexico, Thai, China, Korea. About 45 minutes away are some really good restaurant pickins at some intensely Chinese transmogrified areas. And when I say good stuff, I mean good stuff! Competition is fierce, both in price and flavor, and all of us picky customers encourage this. I like to check out restaurants before visiting and I usually do this when shopping at the local Chinese/Oriental grocery. I look for a place that is crowded with people, crowded with tables, busy as heck. Then I go back mid afternoon or early-early for lunch and indulge in some very tasty stuff. It is also nice to go when the places are very busy as then you see a lot of stuff being served, and then you can tell your server--I want that dish over there. Some of these places have only minimal descriptions of the food in english, and sometimes we just point at something on the menu and we "takes our chances". Haven't been disappointed yet.

Jeeze, it is fun. I wish I could do it more often.

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