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apple spice bundt cake

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Posted to Thread #27212 at 1:03 pm on Jan 16, 2015

I finally made the apple spice bundt cake. It's a good thing it is so delicious as it took me quite a long time to put it together. Part of the problem is that other than ginger, my spices are purchased whole and I grind them fresh. I had previously recorded the weight per volume of ground cardamom and black pepper but for all the others I weighed the volume of ground spice used in the recipe so that next time I can weigh out the correct amount of each whole spice and grind them all at once. Also, due to the stiffness of the batter, I had a lot of trouble mixing in the nuts, apples, and ginger. I finally resorted to a flexible bowl/bench scraper and sort of folded it repeatedly in a large bowl. Did others have similar difficulty? Any reason that the nuts, apples, and ginger shouldn't be added before the flour?

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