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Is there any way I can save these cherries? I had a full bag of dried sweet

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Posted to Thread #27213 at 5:58 pm on Jan 16, 2015

cherries and a full bag of dried tart cherries and was tired of granola. So I packed them in a quart mason jar, covered with Benedictine (a sweet herbal liqeur that goes really well with brandy) and stuck it in a dark pantry. I'm not sure what end result I expected, but each component was tasty on its own.

When I tasted it a month later, it tasted like cough medicine for consumptive patients at a Swiss sanatorium---obviously one of those "the whole is LESS than the sum of its parts" situations.

I added straight brandy, but that didn't seem to help. Then I added vodka to try to dilute the sweetness.

It still tastes like the Smith Brother's scowl.

I hate to waste all those expensive cherries and booze. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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