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LOL! I used to work in commercial real estate finance. Trust me, a house is NOTHING

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compared to a business loan with the government. I had been working for a couple years in this field when I bought my first house. Less than 30 days later, my home loan was in place and I was absolutely stunned. That's it? Nothing more? Granted, that was in the financing heyday, but still.

Just be glad you're not buying a building. Or worse, construction. Or worse yet? I once worked on the purchase of an old building that was going to have some construction. This was in Alaska where above ground heating fuel is common. The neighbor up the slope from them apparently had a leak and the inspector discovered fuel pooled UNDER the building. Removing it would mean demolition of part of the building. So we were in limbo while everyone figured out what to do, and get all the environmental permits approved by the city and the SBA. Oof!

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