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My crazy world. An update.

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Posted to Thread #27218 at 12:36 am on Jan 18, 2015

Hey guys. You all have been with me through thick and thin, and it's been a blast sharing some of the stuff I've been up to in an ever evolving career in food. Recently, things have taken an interesting turn and I thought I'd share it with you.

I have a chef friend who wrote a stunning cookbook, released earlier this year. Too early, in fact. (The subject is charcuterie and the book was released in March, languished over the summer and the publisher's major marketing push ran its course by the more appropriate fall timeline.) I offered to give him a hand promoting it. Later this month, he leaves for NYC and I've been busy trying to set up media interviews, etc. So far, he'll be on live radio (recorded to podcast) and live TV. He'll also be meeting with the editor of Food & Wine mag at the James Beard House and I have some other stuff in the works. After weeks of sleuthing, I just got contacts for the producers of all the major NYC-based morning TV shows (you know the ones!) and the pitch is out for Splendid Table. Fingers crossed! While I've dabbled at this level for one-off things (No Reservations, etc.) I've never done anything on this scale. Fortunately, I believe in this guy whole heartedly and have no doubt he'll have a network show eventually. This is the first big step in that direction.

At long last....what a relief to be on board with uber talented people that I believe in. I finally came to the conclusion that no matter how badly I need the money, unless you're working with people who are worthwhile, I can't fake the enthusiasm. Chefs are notoriously difficult to work with (the joke is, CHEF is an acronym for Create Havoc, Escape Fast.) This guy, on the other hand, is on the ball and just a dream. And at this stage in my career, I can appreciate what a gift that is.

Oof! The last couple years have been absolute hell on a personal level. Who knew this rainbow and pot of gold would be there in the end?


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