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I can relate to this. We have a granddaughter who is 12. Four years ago, she announced she was

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going to be a vegetarian. My husband and I come from meat loving families. My husbands family were meat cutters from long ago, and, my grandfather raised chickens, rabbits, lambs, and fished. We always had some sort of fresh animal to eat. Now, when she visits, all I can think of are meat dishes, it drives me crazy. The other grandma told me to cook as usual, just add an extra vegetable side and a larger salad side. It took all the pressure off. Since they do not live here, and are only able to stay a few days, I don't have to get super creative with my meals. I also ask her mom to bring something special if she has the time. One time I served a pink fluff recipe that was posted here. It uses strawberry jello, pineapple, evaporated milk and is so yummy. She asked me if it had jello and when I said yes, she would not eat it. :(

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