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Exactly. So much of my international travels happened before I was into food. Gah!

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I even had a trip to Spain planned once, but didn't go for some reason. I keep thinking, I wonder how my life would be different if that came together? Ah well. Hopefully things will free up and I'll start traveling again soon. :)

Marilyn, your comment about spending the entire day in one of those markets...I can totally relate. I once went to a cooking/cultural immersion in Mexico for Day of the Dead. (Taught by David, the guy who recently released the cookbook "Yucatan".) One day we had some free time and I peeled off to visit a grocery store. My friend wasn't interested. Okay, let's rendezvous in an hour. "An *hour*?" I spend an hour in the grocery store in America, of course I'm going to be an hour here! It was awesome! I took pictures like a mad woman and it turned out to be a highlight of my trip.

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