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Posted to Thread #27575 at 5:53 pm on Apr 28, 2015

Perhaps you could make the trek to one of our Saturday garden days in Long Beach this fall--or we could meet up some other way, and I'd still be happy to mail you a plant.

This particular plant has narrower stalks and leaves than the ones I've tried from the nursery, and seems to grow just about anywhere. It's fairly prolific so I could give you a few starts and you could try them in several spots.

The gardener who found it is one of my favorites--he has Aspergers and is a bit OCD and he's propagating it like a mad scientist! Too much energy, and soon we will have too much rhubarb.

I've heard all sorts of contradictory things about watering, heat, soil etc. I know it doesn't like our late-summer dry heat. (It prefers Midwestern humid heat and cold winters.) I've also heard what you said, that in warm climates we should let it go dormant in summer by not watering, so maybe that's the case. Also, I don't think it is meant to grow under trees so the competition with tree roots might explain your last plant's sad demise.

You can always contact me through our garden website:

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