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FrC - I wanted to get back to all of you who helped with the birthday cake for my grandson. I had a

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talk with him the day before and he revealed that even thou he is 16 - he still would love a theme cake. So I had to give up all my grand ideas - made a play station - 2 remotes or whatever you call the things they hold and another cake as screen with the symbol of his favorite game (arrow) on it. I will be making 2 of the cakes
you all recommended when the next dinner comes around.

That was Mon. ON Fri. nite was my s-i-l birthday dinner celebration and I made tiramisu (his favorite dessert) and had a leg of lamb out
- Just as I was about to smear the lamb with Julia's mustard marinade - my daughter called to say her daughter was ill and we had to cancel the dinner.
So both the lamb (uncooked) and the tiramisu (ready) went into the freezer. We will try again next week!!

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