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Tofu has no taste to's really just something I pick up in a forced effort to expand my cooking repertoire--although I usually end up getting rid of it in a smoothie. In this case, the light dusting of cornstarch pre-fry helps hold the cube shape and provides just the tiniest of bite while the soy mixture and dual onion hit adds ALL the flavor. I can only imagine what a zinger it would be with fresh chilies and the whole cracked peppercorns >> so, all in all, quite happy with how this block of no-taste stuff turned out.

I used mostly Lite soy so it wasn't overly salty...and I only used half of the total liquids since the recipe called for 1.5 pounds of soy and I had slightly less than a pound to play with. Plus there is a sugar component that helps to even out things, along with the sweetness from the caramelized onions.

All that said, I'm glad I added the extra veggies and will probably toss in carrot coins tonight along with the mushrooms and sugar snaps because I love carrots in Asian dishes.

11 TBL of butter is for the full recipe (1.5 pounds of soy) but I only used 4 TBL and it was fine. I think my mushrooms soaked up a lot of that.

I'm also serving it tonight with a lemony kale salad because it was still too rich, even with the added veggies. I think that lemon kick will even things out.

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