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Right now, we are full swing into tomato season. The growers are finally bringing in the heirlooms,

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all the beautiful colors and so many varieties. I store all my tomatoes in a shallow basket on my cool granite counter. Big tomatoes, sit on the stem end. Smaller tomatoes are placed carefully so their weight in on two of the larger tomatoes. Cherry types are in a single layer in the basket, as well. They keep for two weeks on my counter, just fine. I check every day and use the ones that look like they are starting to them like candy. Just keep an eye out as if one starts to go, the rest are susceptible, so use it up.

Later in the season, the tomatoes do not keep as well, they begin to wrinkle and weep their juices, which attracts fruit flies. I resort to putting them into the fridge to put off the aging process for as long as it takes to use them up. This is when I start roasting my excess and make tomato sauces and pastes. The cherry tomatoes are in full swing too, and one vine can produce hundreds of the babies, I throw them into the roasting pan whole.

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