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I agree not to take any food or spices with you. I have a friend who takes her family over there

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every year. Their first stop is Costco. She also buys a few needed spices in the bulk section (somewhere), she takes a list of the menus, and makes a grocery list. She leaves a few days open for visits to Farmer's Markets and cooks whatever she finds there that appeals to her. She has it down to a science. Not sure what she does with the foods they do not use, or the spices not used.

Frankly, I would not go on an airplane trip if I had to haul food and spices. It is a vacation for heavens sake....enjoy. And that means shopping local, for the experience of it all. Don't forget you can make a meal out of totally uncooked foods this time of year. Nothing like a huge platter of all sorts of tomatoes, cukes, cheeses, olives, melons, pineapple other island fruits, crackers, breads! Kids love this sort of stuff and so do most folks. The pots, pans or residual heat!

Have tons of fun and stay safe!

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