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Costco rotisserie chicken - buy several and use it all

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Posted to Thread #27799 at 2:46 pm on Jul 15, 2015

for your dinners of Chicken Divan (or other favorite casserole) and Soft Tacos/Wet Burritos (or one of the many other great suggestions) - with weeklong lunch leftovers of chicken noodle/vegetable/pot pie/tortilla/Thai/red lentil soup(s). Check to see if there will be big pots in your rental!

At grocery store buy chicken/veggie broth cans, onion, carrots, celery to enrich your homemade stock. Depending on type of soup(s) you plan to serve, buy 1.dumpling noodles, 2.frozen mixed veggies 3. frozen mixed veggies and pie crust (roll crust rounds a bit thinner and bake - break up to use for garnish on top of creamy chicken vegetable soup), 4. cans of Mexican spiced diced tomatoes, green chills, corn, black or pinto beans. Also use extra tortillas (corn or flour or chips) and cheddar cheese - taste and add a bit of salsa if needed. Can also buy jack cheese or spicy jack for topping (bring dried cilantro, chili powder, oregano) 5. coconut milk and frozen Asian veggie mix for Thai soup (bring Thai spice), lentils and lemons (only need a cup so you can bring these, along with coriander, cumin and turmeric).

At home, break apart chickens into boneless breast portions, dark and leftover meat pieces. Set aside a portion of chicken to add to soup you choose to make.

Toss bones/skin/wings/back/junk, and all of the wonderful drippings in the bottom of the containers (mix with water and warm to remove), into stock pot with a couple of cans of good chicken or veggie broth, water, large pieces of onion, carrots, celery/tops, S&P for a 2 hour simmer. Bring peppercorns, bay and thyme leaves in your spice stash to add to soup. Strain stock and chop cooked carrots and celery to add back into whatever soup you end up making.

Chop or shred dark and leftover chicken meat to make a tray of wet burritos OR spiced meat for soft tacos OR some of both. Buy tortillas (corn, flour or both), enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, cheddar, tomatoes, avocados, sour cream, lettuce, salsa. Use onions, carrots, celery from other recipes as garnish. Can serve with rice, refried bean, tortilla chips and soup!

Layer breast meat slices or chunks with partially cooked fresh or frozen broccoli spears for Chicken Divan. Bring curry powder in your spice stash. Buy broccoli, flour, milk/half&half. Use the stock and cheddar cheese to make the cheese sauce with some white wine or white vermouth, if you have it around - beer would also be good. Can serve with rice or noodles, fresh veggies and fruits, rolls and soup! Colleen

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