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Lana in FL

This is what bacon looks like in South Africa...

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Posted to Thread #27806 at 2:31 am on Jul 16, 2015

OK, that's a bit of exaggeration - though SA bacon is much leaner than American, my SIL goes to a particular butcher just for this bacon. It tasted delicious, too.

We went to SA hoping to see my MIL for the last time, but sadly, she died a week before we flew out there. We were very sad about this, but she was 93, and very confused. We did spend the whole of our time there with family, which was good.

I gained back half the weight I had lost in the three months before we left, but South African food and wine (and chocolate) is just irresistible. I even had a doughnut, and they did taste just like they did in my childhood! It must be whatever they fry them in - perhaps sunflower oil?

The link is to the prawns peri-peri we had at a Portuguese restaurant. I didn't manage to get pictures of the peri-peri chicken livers and spicy gizzards that we had as starters - I'm not a fan of liver, really, but the Portuguese can make almost anything taste delicious.

And the chips (fries to you - see picture of prawns), are amazing, tasting of fried potatoes rather than oil. No wonder I gained weight.

Link: Prawns Peri-peri

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