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Barb, I thought you were asking the question more in general than the specific recipe. I don't

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use thighs because I have a silly dislike of dark meat. It's not the taste, but my experiences as a child. Thigh meat was darker and gamier than it is now, and I had to prep (meaning sometimes removing feathers and eviscerating) and cut up fresh chickens almost every day for a couple of months in the summer. Freshly killed chickens had a particular smell I can still remember and the dark meat was slimy to me, I still dislike working with raw chicken although I love breast meat. I do prepare whole chickens, and use whole cut up chickens once in a while as my husband likes the thigh and leg meat. But most of the time I use breasts and always breast meat for stir-fries, pasta dishes and so forth, so I never cut up thighs.

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