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That pantry is gorgeous, isn't it? She had another one on the other side of the room

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and she called it her "junk pantry." Far from it. It had butter warmers for 20 people, tagines, preserved lemons, home canned tomatoes, etc. I kept looking for a light switch and she said, "Just walk in, the lights will turn on." Sure enough. The fact that her second pantry was bigger than my dining table for 8 left me green with envy, but details like the light, and other features made me really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into planning her space.

I didn't mention this before, but for 8 of us for dinner, she has an assistant that comes to clean the kitchen and take care of all the niggly details. After I got up from dinner, all my kitchen stuff was in a bag, packed and ready to go. By that point the kitchen was also spotless. Nice life, eh? :)

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