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Michael in Naples

I have an open salt cellar next to the stove with Diamond Kosher that

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does clump just a bit. When I go for a pinch or spoonful I just mix it up. On the table I have a salt shaker with a plastic top that has a little raw rice mixed in with the salt...still needs to be shaken to break it up.

My thoughts why a restaurant may go with a salt grinder:
>the metal tops on the shaker rust
>the grinders are disposable so they don't have to be filled daily
>Alessi makes the salt grinders that go with their pepper grinders
>Salt grinders are cool

I find the salt grinders are more salt crackers which gives larger pieces than Kosher salt.

I wonder if I'm going to die from lack of iodine since I haven't had iodized table salt in the house for about 30 years...

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