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Can I just post a small food rant, because I know you will understand?

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Posted to Thread #28460 at 4:52 am on Feb 7, 2016

I talked (via text) to my SIL today about her daughter-in-law's baby shower. It's going to be pretty mini desserts. Pinterest style.

I say P style because I see so many people making parties/food to look pretty and don't pay attention to how they taste! She sent me a picture of a 6 inch ombre cake she plans to make. I know it will come from a cake mix and canned icing, but look fairly pretty when it's done (it won't be covered with roses because she hasn't tried and doesn't know yet it's not going to work like she thinks it will). She's also asked my other SIL to make fruit tartlets - she sent a photo of what she wants (it's pro level). I know her skill level as well, she doesn't really do desserts and doesn't even own tartlet pans.

So this brings me to my question...why didn't she ask me, who bakes from scratch, who has done 6 inch cakes, ombre cakes, fancy cupcakes and tartlets before?

What I got asked to bring was anise cookies - why? Because my niece wanted them for the funeral. Turns out they never knew I could make them so want more, and I'm happy to bring them, but the thing is... of course I could make them - I bake!

[annnnd scene]

I think I just miss having the opportunity to make nice things being it's only me these days. Plus, I dearly love this niece (who really appreciates nice things) and I'm not going to be able to make her something nice.

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