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Not much to it really. Ask your meat cutter to french the two racks of lamb

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and tie them for you. I like to season with s & p, garlic powder, Drizzle olive oil on and rub it in, with rosemary, thyme. Place on rack on half sheet pan and roast 450 for 15 to 20 min, until internal temp is around 130 to 135. Remove from oven and let sit about 15 minutes before carving. I like to serve with roasted garlic mash potatoes, and either grilled or roasted fresh asparagus.

Notes: I have fresh rosemary and thyme in my garden, so I use that. Sometimes I like to stuff fresh garlic slices into the slits the meat cutter makes in the two racks so he can curve the meat into a circle.

Frankly, I think the individual racks of lamb are easier to work with, and taste just as good. But if a WOW presentation is what you are after, this is the way to go. Have fun!
Mint is also nice with lamb. I love that Cross and Blackwell minted lamb sauce and have used that sometimes and rubbed well into the racks. It is also great for a dipping sauce for the chops.

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