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Whooee, U have my deep admiraction--no liquid smoke in your brisket! It finally dawned on me why

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Posted to Thread #28862 at 6:34 pm on Jul 15, 2016

the author of GayR's article included factors affecting his brisket outcome such as: "humidity, ambient air temp, wind, rain, etc." At first I wasn't thinking past "stove oven". lol! I am in awe of anyone who controls cooking temp w/ charcoal and wood.

I distinctly remember being amazed at my mom's best friend, Clarice Moore, and her mother, Pearl Moore, because they cooked and baked year-round on an old indoor wood stove. I asked "Grandma" Pearl once how she could tell if her oven was at the temperature she wanted, and she told me, "You open the door and put your hand in the oven. If it's so hot you have to immediately yank your hand out, it's 500+ degrees; if you pull your hand out of the oven after 5 seconds, it's probably 400 to 450 degrees; and if you can leave your hand in the oven for 10 seconds, it's close to 350 degrees. I'm sure I don't have those seconds exactly right because I was only 13 or 14 years old when I asked her that question, but you get the drift.

My hat is off to you and anyone else who commandeers a smoker! Thanks so much for your help......

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