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If it is softer than you like just cook it a couple of minutes longer next time. The pectin

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just needs to find its correct "ratio" with the sugar content. BUT my other jams are softer than I usually make and I LOVE the result, mainly because it tastes so much more fruity and isn't all sweet.

I opened one of my fig jars last night and made an appy of cracker with jam and pimento cheese. Good. I'd have preferred baguette slice and then run in a hot oven.

And I know master canners won't agree but I do not water process my jams and jellies. Sterilize the jars and pour the hot jam in. Boil the lids, cap and turn upside down. The seal is excellent--and I've done it for 50 years. I have stopped the paraffin tops, but even with those, I had very few failures. Just my experience.

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