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I have had experiences like that too, when the recipe did not turn out well

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and after experiences which taught me not to waste adding to a already lousy recipe, I now toss the whole thing out, without trying to add anything to it. Soups, stews, I can fix, but sauces, dips, I simply toss.

I usually have a gut feeling out recipes now, like the one I posted above with all the pumpkin in it. My gut said, "do not make this", but I did and it turned out as expected....not worth it. Usually you can find most recipes online and they have reviews. There are many comments about too much garlic, or red pepper and so on.
The garlic I get at the Farmer's Market is so fresh and very strong, and the younger it is the stronger it is, a grower told me. Young garlic is very sticky.

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